Informational Communities

community description
64511:<d42_region> DN42 Region (only set on originated routes)
4242420207:100:666 Soft-failed RPKI route (used internally)
4242420207:120:<instance_id> RB instance ID this route was leared on
4242420207:130:1 Direct peers
4242420207:140:<dn42_region> DN42 region ID we learned this route

Control Communities

community description
65535:666 (BLACKHOLE) Well-known blackhole community
65535:65281 (NO_EXPORT) Well-known no-export (Do not advertise outside AS)
65535:65282 (NO_ADVERTISE) Well-known no-advertise (Do not advertise anywhere)
4242420207:500:<1-4> Prepend AS 1-4 times when advertising to peers
4242420207:600:<dn42_region> Do not advertise to DN42 region